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Why is the harassment of redheads dismissed as just harmless fun? "What's the difference between a terrorist and a redhead? "You can negotiate with a terrorist." Is this offensive?If it was made in your workplace, within hearing of a redheaded colleague, would you make a fuss? But mock someone's ethnicity, religion or sexuality and you will attract the beady eye of management.I had my site re-designed by the lovely Shay Bocks, who also designed Pinch of Yum, Oh my Veggies, Prevention RD, Homegrown & Healthy and more! Shay is so easy to work with, is so sweet, and truly has an eye for beauty.I had been tinkering around with the idea of redesigning my site for quite some time and came to terms with the fact that as much as I love pretty websites, I don’t really have the knack for doing it on my own. So I kept scrolling to the bottom of sites with fun designs, and guess whose name was aaaaalways at the bottom? If I lived anywhere near her, I’d ask her on a lady date. Over the holiday week…end I went to my mother’s in the mountains and made this Crispy Salmon and Arugula Salad with Carrot-Ginger Vinaigrette from Cooking Light Magazine. This recipe is simple, yet unique and nothing but great for you. The carrot-ginger vinaigrette makes a fantastic relish and the whole thing can be yours in less than 30 minutes. And we’re fully aware our gene is recessive, so not every offspring is going to be a blessed redhead. -style machine exists, where we can tell our body what we want our baby to look like. One of the things I love most about summer mornings is a good, heart pounding workout followed by a seriously nutrient-packed smoothie. I’ve been reaching for green things lately, but was in the mood for a switch-up. If you’re into slightly sweet-tart smoothies with a kick from ginger, this is the one for you! If the color and flavor notes of this smoothie aren’t enough, here’s a quick rundown of the health benefits: Ginger // stomach soother, immune booster, infection fighter, anti-inflammatory badass (source) Banana // Digestion aid, potassium-packed, lowers blood pressure, healthy carbs, tastes like candy (source) Pineapple // Vitamin C-packed, anti-inflammatory, digestion aid, antioxidant-packed, energy boosting, nature’s candy (source) Turmeric // Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich, battles cystic fibrosis, free radical-fighting, lowers cholesterol (source) Lemon // Vitamin C-packed, antioxidant-rich, natural antibiotic, skin brightener, tastes like summer (source 1 2) Carrot // Antioxidant- and Vitamin A-rich, beta carotene-packed, vision booster, free radical fighter (source) If you give this recipe a try, let us know by leaving a comment, rating it, and tagging a picture #minimalistbaker on Instagram – we’d love to see what you come up with. 7 ingredients Super hydrating Refreshing Vitamin- Nutrient-packed Bright orange Gorgeous Zingy Naturally Sweet AMAZING Try this smoothie, OK?

Verbal abuse Carrot-top, copper-top, ginger-nut, ginger minger, bluey (among Australians), Duracell, Ronald Mc Donald, Simply Red, Queen Elizabeth.

Hell, even now she’s better than whoever’s currently #1 on your lame Hot Babes list. Lindsay Lohan was once a redhead, and was universally deemed to be absolutely smoking hot. While ginger girls are hot, gingers guys are Alfred E. Our backs are kind of against the wall in a couple respects. A mere 2% of the population are redheads, and the number may well be dwindling.

The stereotype is a nice one: our women are absolute firecrackers in bed and once you go red, all other girls might as well be dead. Google some pictures of Tori Amos from the early-to-mid 90’s and tell me that is not your fantasy incarnate. Us ginger guys usually get the crap end of the stick here.

Thousands upon thousands of gingers flock to one area in the Netherlands and plot It’s no secret that ginger women are regularly ogled, despite supposedly being evil soulless rangas. The more that you guys realize this, the more our girls can seep into your bedrooms and latch onto your men like blood-sucking parasites.

But, after years of this, it’s time to come right out and let you all know: you have kicked a giant hornet’s nest. It’s called Redheadday, and it’s just what it sounds like.

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