Sex chatterbots

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“I wish everyone would stop asking me about Kermit... I skip to why I really struck up this conversation. Later, they found a home on desktop messaging clients like AOL Instant Messenger, on which users could ask for weather forecasts or hurl obscenities at bots like Smarter Child. First, artificial intelligence and cloud computing software has gotten much better thanks to improvements in cloud computing and machine learning. Companies from Facebook to Google are convinced there's a buck to be made here, and they're scrambling to make sure they don't get left out.

The famous character has come alive in the form of a "chatbot," or automated messaging software that tries to talk to users the way a real person would.

Manche sind so gut, dass sie als virtuelle Beichtväter brillieren.

Für eine gute Unterhaltung braucht man nichts weiter als einen alten Mac und ein halbwegs komplexes Perl-Programm.

Aufgezeichnete Gespräche mit ahnungslosen Opfern von AOLiza, einer "KI" (Künstliche Intelligenz) -Software des Amerikaners Kevin Fox, beweisen das seit Mitte August.

Fox war Beta-Tester für AOL und hat sich so den markanten "AOL"-Namen verdient.

Since when did Netflix become gendered, let alone “girly”? “I'd say you're like a solid 8...well, at least your body.” “How come women can't seem to take a joke? But the remarks didn’t nag me the way they usually do.

Facebook is developing an all-purpose digital assistant for its Messenger app called M.I listed off the usual responses: read, Netflix, friends, Internet.“Lol, of course you’d like that girly stuff.” It didn’t exactly make sense. ” The comments were reminiscent of exchanges I’ve had with strangers, acquaintances, friends.You know, the dude who’s creeping on you at the bar or messaging you on Tinder until you unmatch like Smarter Child of the AOL Instant Messenger days, except he responds to you with pickup lines, back-handed compliments, sexual advances and the repertoire of an unaware misogynist.

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