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You run the risk of getting your baby's baby preganentand and that can lead to complications like an infinite loop... Gifs didn't move if you print it - Rose Candy Music Does looking at a picture of the sun hurt your eyes? (I just asked a question) - cosmo No that is an answer - Rose Candy Music I sold my only car to help pay for gas money, but now gas has come down in price. I tried to contact this guy but it seems he also sold his computer to help pay for internet connection... Tried calling him, but it sees he sold his phone to pay for phone bills and doesn't have a landline... Are if there was holes, the cats were shy and were too scared of showing the spots to anybody so they put their eyes in it so nobody will notice their holes - leah2006 This is really stoopid but still I don't know - Rose Candy Music Is this planet called Earth? If you are not an alien and you inquire what our planet is called, you quite possibly have serious mental issues and need to have your IQ tested. They don't share the same DNA, but I would get your boyfriend check.

(We really need to make sure people are ready to be parents... Your baby will be pregnant and the other sperm will impregnate your babes baby and it will be a infinite circle. Yes, pictures of the sun radiate harmful like just like the sun itself. I cannot take off my mother's bra and she's gonna be home in 5 minutes!!! What the hell are you doing with your mother's bra? First of all, why is she (at least, I hope it's a she) wearing her mothers bra in the first place? Second of all, how would you have the time to type that, and then expect people to answer the question in the span of 5 minutes (by then, it would actually be less). - Minecraftcrazy530 Cut your mother's bra to take it off lol - Rose Candy Music Is this a question? It's a holographic time lapse of the rainbow-unicorn wormhole effect on Justin Timberlake. I think the second one is worse because the first one is due to ignorance and this one is due to lack of common sense. I can feel mine dropping right now just reading this question.

As the editor of Make Use Of Answers I see a lot of tech-related questions every day.

"Hayley was still going to nursery, and didn't seem unwell.

But here's the twist: Hannah and Justin never had sex.

In fact, the high schooler never gets to more than an enthusiastic first base with any of the classmates she's accused of shacking up with.

- Rose Candy Music Can your baby get preganent if you have sex while preganent? Its dangerous, though the baby can get preganent only if it's a female. also cats unicorns Miley Cyrus 3 elephants and an oak tree I have the same problem The boyfriend is crazy (claps) - Rose Candy Music I was bitten by a totrtoise when i was a lad..i eat orange now? So unless you want your body to spontaneously combust, it is strongly recommended that you stay away from any orange products. Or hire a servant that was bitten by a tortoise to try eating oranges.

If you suspect your baby is preganent try not to have sex again.. Don't forget the cargo shorts, you need to be wearing cargo shorts. I think the only living being that would ask a question as stupid and counterintuitive as this would be an alien. Or else ask Harry Potter or Hermione Granger to do a spell on you so that you can eat oranges without any worry.

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