Marc ballas dating frank sinatra and elizabeth taylor dating

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While he's mostly known for his moves on "Dancing with the Stars" and she made waves writing "If I Were a Boy" for Beyonce, the dating duo are prepping some big things for 2016 with their band Alexander Jean. When we sound checked, we knew it was going to be fun show. Mark: The audience, they wanted to come listen to music and be at a show, so it was a great audience.

The two just performed two packed shows at The Venetian Theatre in Las Vegas, opening for R5. Sometimes when you open, it's not as full, but there were a lot of people there with a lot of energy! BC: We were playing a charity show from our friend’s living room.

That one’s gonna be on the EP, it’s called "Head High." We were both feeling like maybe the reason we weren’t doing our own stuff solo was we were meant to do it together, so why don’t we do this project. We just clicked really well in the studio, we trust each other. I teach him things, he teaches me things, we exchange the power that way, which is nice. I’m an anxious person and he’s just cool and calm and used to performing. We’re just doing that right now and hopefully we’ll be done by early January, then we’ll get it out, play some shows.

After creating one of the most talented couples reality TV has seen, Mark Ballas and Pia Toscano's relationship has danced its course.

"They both decided with everything going on that they couldn't give each other what would be fair," a source told People of Ballas, 25, and Toscano's, 22, split.

"They mutually decided this." It looks like Ballas and Toscano will have to find someone else to call their dancing/duet sweetheart.

"We took our time and spilled our heart and soul into the music." We talked to both singers about their origin story, and what it's like recording with your significant other.

Despite being rejected from the Pussycat Dolls after auditioning in the early 2000s, she has gone on to a solo career and recently debuted her single "Shut the Front Door (Got My Girls)." "They've been hanging out nonstop since they started dating," adds the source.

The production will begin performances on May 16 and continue through June 25 at the Center Theatre Group’s Ahmanson Theatre.

Blurring the lines between dating and making music can be a risky move -- but it's starting to pay off for Mark Ballas and BC Jean. BC: I played Hard Rock last time and that was a little wild.

“Hines Ward is some dude that would kill you,” Ballas tells me on the set of my HDNet talk show. “Yeah, because you can’t have a short guy and then pair him with Brandy.” For my entire interview with Mark tune into HDNet "Naughty But Nice with Rob" Saturdays at PM and .

If you’re an actor, singer, or performer it is more than likely that you have done a little bit of dancing - if it is for a role or growing up doing theater.

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