Gym rat dating

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Literally everyone I meet says, Wow, you don't fit the mold of an acco Well..I mentioned Iam a gym rat....

You know you were mad about something..swear you were in an argument. Well, your significant other has the solution: exercise. They have calculated every single gram, and they know exactly what food item has what in it. You, on the other hand, shrug because you simply look at meals as "healthy," "pretty healthy," and then "shouldn't have had that." As to how much protein, carbs, and fats are in it..sure. No one except gym rats actually enjoys the taste; the rest of us eat it purely for convenience.

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So last night halfway through volleyball Jo shows up. Sweet, sexy, hot ass body etc etc and sheilas face lights up. Why can’t us 40 somethings have friendships like that? Haha Yesterday I had a good workout but couldn’t help but ponder what muscle dude told me Friday night.

Unfortunately, he has a gf but he would be the type of guy I would choose for my daughter and she feels the same way. Why do we need labels when these youngins seem to be so much happier without them? He said that none of us fat people listen thats why we aren’t ever going to change.

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