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The reality is over the duration I have never seen a trader consistently make money only buying options. Erase everything you think you know about options and start to learn how to use options the right way. Nowadays in the most liquid products out there it is options that dictate stock prices.

Activity – Monitor what other traders are posting – all TRADDR members, your friends, or within your group. Groups – Have something to share with a group of traders? Over 250 traders- Created and Moderated by traders like you. Contact us – Any questions, comments, ideas or troubleshooting? Register/Sign Up – Choose your Membership, Create your personalized profile and timeline, and begin to chat and instant message with other members!

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After all, options are now being traded more than stocks.

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The Crisis had arisen as a result of a dispute between the Trade Federation and the Galactic Republic relating to the taxation of trade routes to outlying systems.

At the instigation of the Sith Lord Darth Sidious—secretly Naboo Senator Palpatine—the Trade Federation decided to force a resolution to the dispute by blockading the planet Naboo with a fleet of modified battleships, cutting off all shipping to the planet.

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