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Anyway, Christian Domestic Discipline is a resource I would share with you ladies to bring home to your Godly husbands, and for you husbands to bring home to your dear, humble wives.

I would encourage you to show it to your male offspring so they can be prepared for the duties ahead of them as the head of the household as per God's glorious plan.

This is meant to be a placeholder post on the issue of domestic discipline and patriarchy.

There is no article but the comments section could be quite long.

Others counter that the use of violence is a misinterpreted view of the male role.

There is a subculture called "Christian Domestic Discipline" that promotes corporal punishment of wives by husbands.

I debated putting this in the Godly ladies' thread but decided that I would risk my reputation to be thought of as forward because this is just too good to keep from men.

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He also informed me that if he had to give me a punishment spank for the offense, it would be followed by weeks of reminder spanks.This topic comes up inevitably on various patriarchy discussion, and the idea is to create a place for people to discuss this topic without any rules. If you go to this discussion, you'll find links to some strange sites including Loving Christian Discipline and Christian Domestic Discipline, etc.Because some of those within the Christian patriarchy movement believe that women are to follow a pattern of "submitted s" under the Doctrine of Subordination within the Trinity, it gives to reason that this might be practiced in some of the homes and families that follow patriarchy.I have ALMOST put aside my concerns that I would be controlled by my stepdaughter if we had CDD in our marriage.I have learned that if I am submissive and soft spoken, he is less likely to go into "protective dad mode" and HE is harder on her than I ever would be.

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