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They lived together with another hockey player in 2001 and started their relationship just before the Beijing Olympics having both gone through break-ups - Kate from a long-term relationship with a man and Helen with a woman.

Kate explained: 'We were friends but we weren’t bezzie mates before that.

In the striptease category was Worldmistress, self-described as a "Queer femme, kink burlesque performer, stripteaser and erotic pole dancer, model, professional dominatrix." A contender in the fashion category included a collection of hand-crafted erotic footwear with heels that double as sex toys and thigh-high boots with pockets for canes.

As a judge I saw enthusiasm emanating from these buoyant artists and performers and their colourful routines.

They're the only chat-line girls with dusters, attitude and their very own bus passes!

He then proceeded to go into the audience, which might have been more interesting had we not been sat on the Upper Circle and therefore could not see a single thing…!To name a few of the 42 finalists in the 14 categories, there was Art Tart – who paints herself in vulgar poses, Amelia Cavallo – a blind burlesque dancer and Brokeback Disco – a light-hearted, funny, gymnastic duet by two flirtatious cowboys.Writers included Ernesto the Naked Poet – the pen name of a Basque cognitive scientist who describes his insecurities about his penis and then recites his work, naked, to his audience.The 56-year-old computer software expert told detectives the popular children's author had disappeared after leaving a note saying she needed time to herself, sparking a nationwide search.But it was all a sham and, when it emerged he stood to gain from her death and had moved her money into a joint account on the day she died, police moved in and arrested him.

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