Dating the book of acts

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When I first heard of these (about 1946), I purchased all the back issues and subscribed to all future issues, trying to note all studies and comments potentially useful to creationists. During the century after Lyell and Darwin and up until about 1950, the reaction of practically all Christian leaders was to accept uniformitarianism and the radiometric ages, accommodating them by either the gap theory or the day-age theory. Perhaps the first was Dudley Joseph Whitney, an agricultural scientist who had graduated from Berkeley and then edited various agricultural journals.Whitney's article, 'The Age of the Earth: Comments on Some Geologic Methods Used in its Interpretation," appeared in the in December 1941, and was the first modern defense of a recent creation that I found.His appeals of protest were ignored so, in a grisly act of protest and anguish, Bouazizi doused himself in gasoline and set himself ablaze.The act of self-immolation not only triggered the political crisis in Tunisia, which ousted the president on January 14, 2011, it has led to a series of protests and overthrown governments in the Middle East.Three types of accounts deal with Jesus as a child, his mortal ministry, or after his resurrection.The Jesus of the infancy gospels does not act like the Jesus of the real gospels. Wiens has a Ph D in Physics, with a minor in Geology.

Self immolation was widespread until the 1800’s, and still occurs today.

On the whole, apocryphal accounts of Jesus’s ministry probably contain less useful information for Latter-day Saints than they might expect. But I fear lest I might set harm before you, since you are but babes; so pardon me, lest, if you are unable to make room, you be suffocated; for although I am bound and am able to comprehend the celestial matters and the angelic orders and the principal revelations, After the book hath gone forth through the hands of the great and abominable church, . Behold the gold, and the silver and the silks, and the scarlets, and the fine-twined linen, and the precious clothing, and the harlots, are the desires of this great and abominable church (1 Nephi 13:8)secret teachings were the least known, they were the most subject to corruption. In contrast, many of the other “gospels” were condemned as forgeries by the fourth century.

Some of the types of changes made in the texts are clearly enumerated by the very people responsible for preserving them. For example, the Gospel of Thomas was identified as spurious by Origen,.

Abstract: Numerous noncanonical accounts of Jesus’s deeds exist.

While some Latter-day Saints would like to find plain and precious things in the apocryphal accounts, few are to be found.

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