Caledonian granite radiometric dating tests

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There is no evidence at the boundary for tectonic emplacement of a primordial cold granite body.

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Later called Ötzi the Iceman, small samples from his body were carbon dated by scientists.Zircon Hf model ages (0·9–1·0 Ga) indicate that most reworked crust was of Avalonian origin, consistent with geophysical evidence for underlying Avalonian crust beneath the Iapetus Suture.Stephen joined the School in 1981 and has been a Senior Lecturer since 1998 and Associate Professor of Petrology since 2006. These Po radiohalos had to have been produced in the granite after the hydrothermal fluids released in the granite had assisted in the formation of the granite’s distinctive orthoclase feldspar megacrysts, and after the crystallized granite had subsequently cooled below the 150°C annealing temperature of radiohalos.The abundance of Po radiohalos is consistent with the hydrothermal fluid transport model for Po radiohalo formation and with catastrophically rapid granite formation.

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