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Conor Kennedy has been spared from serving time behind bars following his arrest outside an Aspen nightclub just days after Christmas.

A lawyer for the college student entered a guilty plea to one misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct on Wednesday during a hearing at the Aspen Municipal Court.

A witness also could be threatened with harm to his business or reputation.

The idea of witness tampering or intimidation probably brings to mind a defendant in a criminal case threatening a witness, but the defendant is not the only person who can be accused of or commit this crime.

According to the Division of Agriculture's website, their primary mission is to help producers and processors of food, fiber and fuels by providing access and use to appropriate technologies.

The division also includes the Cooperative Extension Service, which helps other people by addressing food-safety and security, health and nutrition and natural resource conservation.

Under the first type of statute, simply asking a witness to testify in your favor constitutes witness tampering.

The other statutes require that the person accused actually threatened or intimidated the witness.

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Bryan spoke briefly about the court's decision on Wednesday saying that Conor received no preferential treatment.

Howard County authorities reported Heifner was last seen driving a white Ford flatbed truck and they suspected he was headed towards Polk County.

Around p.m., Polk County deputies located the suspect on Highway 246 East of Vandervoort.

To dress up like hispters: As part of a plea deal, he was given a six-month deferred sentence and told his arrest will be expunged from his record after his probation ends (Conor on left with father Robert F.

Kennedy Jr and brother Bobby protesting in Standing Rock last year)Judge Peterson also ordered Conor to pay a little over 0 in fines and fees and write his victim an apology letter.

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